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What happens during a custom jewelry consultation?

Along with my everyday jewelry line you can commission custom jewelry pieces. This option is great for brides and their bridal party, prom goers, or anyone wanting a special piece for a special outfit. Whether it is a piece for a special occasion or a pair of earrings you want to wear everyday, this is a fun and great way to get exactly what you want.

Here is a list of what a custom jewelry consultation will include.

  • We will discuss your needs and desires.
  • I will review any pictures you bring (examples of jewelry or specific elements you like, the outfit, wedding dress or bridesmaid dress that it will complement)
  • I will ask clarifying questions that will define your style and help me create a design
  • We will complete a Scope of Work Worksheet that outlines the specifics of the order
  • I will do a sketch of the design
  • I will give you an estimate (unless it requires research)
  • You will have a chance to review and decide if you want to move forward in commissioning me to make the custom piece(s)
  • If you decide to proceed, we will sign a Contract for Custom Jewelry Services
  • A 50% deposit will be due for the work to commence

What does custom jewelry cost?

There is no difference in cost between my regular jewelry line and a custom piece.

Normally when you ask this question, you get the answer “It’s custom, so it depends.”  However, I want to give you some real specifics on what goes into custom work.

I have been making jewelry for almost 25 years, I have worked on my craft, style and technique continually over those years. I love working with wire and pride myself on my wireworking skill. I work hard on each piece to make it the best it can be in consistency, quality and design. Please read more to learn more about my background and love of jewelry making.

The Elements of Cost:

  1. Materials: The materials you select, such as sterling silver, semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystals, contribute to the cost of the piece. The best part about custom jewelry and working with a jewelry artist is that we know what we can substitute to still give you the overall design and look you are going for and adjust the price so that it also works for your wallet.
  2. Labor: The time and skill of the artist is the other contributing factor. It takes time for us to search for the materials as well as design and manufacture the custom piece.

During a consultation we will browse my portfolio. It contains drawn patterns giving a base price for the piece and includes pictures of finished pieces showing how different each piece can be based on the materials chosen. For example I have necklace patterns that start at $35, but anything is possible. If you wish to change the materials included, the investment would be adjusted.

Again, there is no difference in cost between my regular jewelry line and a custom piece. The only extra time I invest is the consultation with the client. This is something I do not charge for because I love to create custom pieces, giving my clients exactly what they want.

What is your return policy?

There are no returns on customs orders or other jewelry purchases, however we do issue a Quality Guarantee.

Quality Guarantee: For any jewelry purchase we issue a guarantee that if the jewelry is not to the quality as promised or as expected we will either repair the piece or come to a conclusion where both parties are happy! If this is the case please contact me at and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

What if my jewelry breaks?

If the jewelry you have purchased breaks within the first 60 days I will gladly repair the piece free of charge. If it breaks after the 60 days I will still gladly repair the jewelry with additional labor and/or materials costs.

Common Types of repairs:

Restringing: the string or wire has snapped

Minor Repairs: clasp breaks, missing jump ring, bent earrwires, etc.

Please contact me at and I will get back to you within 24 hours!