I'm Emily, it's nice to meet you!

As you’ve might have guessed, creating stunning jewelry for brides and daily fashion wear is my favorite thing ever.

My passion is making sure the accessories you take time to put on are the true icing on the cake and make you feel incredible!

I’ve got 25+ years worth of jewelry making skills. (Wait what?) I starting making jewelry when I was 9 years old and clearly it’s just something I can’t give up.

I’ve been featured on the Good Day Sacramento morning show as well as glossy magazines like Real Weddings and Sacramento Bride and Groom.

My clients regularly tell me that not only did they love their jewelry and feel amazing wearing it, but they received complements on their jewelry all night long. One bride even said it was the last thing she took off!

And when I’m not bending wire, cutting chain or designing an ethereal hair piece — you can find me cuddling with my 2 kids and black Maine coon cat, sneaking away for wine tasting with my hubby, and I just can't give up my Pepsi vice.

If you’ve just GOT to know more, read on...

I was a song girl in high school. It's like a cheerleader, but with dancing and pom-poms instead of stunts.  

When I was 21, I had my gallbladder removed by the heartthrob doctor of the hospital. His name was Dr. Gutman (say it out loud!). 

When making jewelry I am usually listening to audiobooks. Okay, I admit I am addicted to true crime, crime drama, and stories with ghosts! 

I met my husband in a bar! I even told him that I wasn't drinking to scare away the guys that have certain intentions. I am SO lucky I didn't scare him away. 

My main bucket list item is to pet a penguin. I have loved penguins since childhood! 

My favorite stone is Larimar, which is not surprising since my favorite color is Mint or any shade of teal and aqua! 

My favorite way to unwind is in a hot bubble bath and lavender essential oils.

I have had so many nicknames in my life! I got to the point of offering a free lunch to someone who could come up with a new one (based on my name). 

My fantasy dream home always included a pool. I am thrilled that it just recently became a reality! 

My favorite shows right now include: Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, This is Us, and a bunch of cop and medical dramas.