Congratulations, you’re engaged!

You are already spending so much time and energy creating a vision for your day.  Details like your bridal look (hair, make-up, gown and jewelry) will help complete that vision. Together we will design the perfect jewelry for your gown and create gifts for your bridal party.  

Custom bridal jewelry may have never crossed your mind when starting your wedding planning process. It is my passion, bringing you the option for something truly unique for your wedding day.

The goal is to make your life easier by helping you check multiple items off your to-do list and give you the confidence you will look and feel stunning on your wedding day!

Together we create something for you that will perfectly accent your wedding gown and your bridesmaids' dresses giving your wedding that cohesive finishing touch.

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Add the perfect touch to your wedding and sparkle with LOVE on your wedding day!

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Here is the Process:

1. Order Your Gown

The first step is selecting that perfect gown! Enjoy the process of selecting the one that is right for you. Once you order your gown, we can start the jewelry + accessories process.

2. Book a Jewelry Design Session

We meet either in person (or virtually) for about 1 hour to 90 mins. It will be stress free and super fun! It is free to you, and you are under no obligation.

3. During the Design Session

We will discuss your wedding, your style and your gown. After looking at images of your gown and your bridesmaids and listening to your style, I'll make some suggestion about the jewelry + hair accessories that I envision would be the perfect accent.

While looking at my current and previous jewelry pieces, I'll ask you what you like even what you don't. And then we'll sketch out the design!

At the conclusion of the design session I'll give you a quote for the jewelry. When you decide to move forward we'll sign a contract, collect a 50% retainer, and you'll leave with a delivery date. 

4. Jewelry Delivery

Preferred delivery date is 6 - 8 weeks before your wedding date. That is during the time when brides book their hair and make-up trial, so you can include your hair accessories during the trial. However, this  depends on the order date.

Your jewelry will be gifted wrapped with names and a poem. I have different poems for each member you might want to give gifts to including: Bride, Bridesmaids, MIL, MOB, Flower girl, etc. 


Custom jewelry is a unique service and all the pieces are personalized jut for you!

These price ranges are representative. See my services page for all of my offerings. Final prices may vary depending on your desires, materials and quantity of pieces. If you would more of an idea, please visit my shop. I do NOT charge more for custom bridal pieces than they are in my store.

  • Earrings

    $26- $86

    Bridesmaid average $32

    Bridal average $48

  • Necklaces

    $36- $180

    Bridesmaid average $48

    Bridal average $68

  • Hair Accessories

    $28- $180

     Average between


What types of jewelry do you create?

In addition to necklaces, bracelets and earrings, I also make tiaras, hair accessories and wire-wrapped rings. I can customize tie tacks and cuff links for the groomsmen.

What materials do you use?

Most of my jewelry is made with pearls, crystals, and semi-precious stones. Depending on your budget or your desires we can use gold filled or sterling instead of plated metals.

When should I book my Design Session?

The one requirement before setting up the consultation is that you have the dress(es) ordered that we will be complementing. I like to deliver the jewelry 6 – 8 weeks prior to the wedding date so that there is time for alterations and I am not one of the vendors you are dealing with at the last minute. So ideally the consultation would be at least 5 months prior to the wedding, but I can work with a shorter time frame if necessary.

How are the Design Sessions held during COVID?

Even before our safety restrictions I have conducted virtual consultations on Zoom. So for now, for your safety, we will meet virtually. I will share images of my designs with you from my online photo gallery, and the same discussion takes place as if we were in person.