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When you sign up for the Quarterly Earring Club, your credit card will be charged immediately. Your first shipment will be mailed within 2 weeks. Then your second shipment will fall in line with the regular quarterly schedule in February 2017. For more information on the schedule, please visit the How It Works page.

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Getting on a regular quarterly schedule

The regular quarterly schedule for the Quarterly Earring Club is for shipments in February, May, August and November. Your first earring shipment is sent within two weeks of signing up, but starting with the second shipment, you will coincide with the regular quarterly schedule. The date for the second shipment depends on when you sign up. It is probably easiest to illustrate how this works with an example.

If the current quarter is Feb. 1 – Apr. 30, then the following timeline will apply:

  • Sign-up date is Feb. 1 – Mar. 15: Shipment #1 within 2 weeks of signing up and shipment #2 in May
  • Sign-up date is Mar. 15 – Apr. 15: Shipment #1 within 2 weeks of signing up. In the preferences survey, you will be given the option of choosing May or August as the month for shipment #2
  • Sign-up date is Apr. 15 – Apr. 30: Shipment #1 within 2 weeks of signing up and shipment #2 in August

Moving forward 

Once you are on the regular quarterly schedule, the following timeline will apply each quarter:

  • 3 weeks prior to the start of the quarter, you will be sent an email with the upcoming quarter’s timelines. This is your opportunity to respond with any special requests you may have for the upcoming quarter. If you want something specific for you or a friend, let me know!
  • On the first of February, May, August and November, your credit card on file will be charged
  • Your earrings will be shipped out within two weeks
  • When the earrings are shipped, you will receive an email confirmation that will include the 15% off promo code for the upcoming quarter


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