Kids Kit Month 6

Skills Review

You have almost made it half-way through the series! I am so proud of you!

This month we are reviewing some skills you have already learned but using them in a new way. I am introducing you to some new beading products and how to use your knowledge to design something new. Get ready for some fun!

Again my suggestion is always to watch the video all the way through once so that you can get a feel for the projects. Then join in! You can pause and rewind as many times as you need to! It is important for you to follow the project in order. I don't go over the all the skills in each project. They build upon each. If you start out of order you will not get all the teaching need to learn the process.

Project 1: Fairy Earrings

Project 2: Zipper Pull (or Keychain)

Project 3: Necklace with links

Alright! Let's get started...