April 23


When Inspiration Strikes: How I Created “Peacock” Necklace

By Emily Wilke

April 23, 2014

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Peacock Necklace Eclectic Weddings Inspiration

Hello Friends!

I can never control when inspiration strikes; when it does it is so exciting! Here is a little peek into a recent inspirational light bulb and how it turned into a piece of jewelry.

The other day I was talking to my friend Autra about the types of eclectic wedding themes her clients are using for their weddings. She mentioned ideas like pirates, 20’s Gatsby, and peacock. All of those were intriguing, but my ears perked up and got a tingle when I heard peacock. My mind started racing in a million directions and I KNEW that had to be the subject of my next jewelry piece.

I visited her Pinterest board for a ton of great ideas and color inspiration. I began thinking about the shape, form, colors and textures of a peacock feather.

Inspiration struck while I was in my car driving home from a bridal consultation. At a stop light I grabbed a piece of paper and started drawing frantically, partly afraid I would lose the image in my head and partly that the light would turn green before I got enough of it on paper. Luckily it was a pretty long light! Below is a picture of the rough sketch I drew.

peacock necklace drawing

After coming up with the sketch, I had to think about fabrication (fancy way of saying, “how do I make it”) — what do I need: chain, beads, wire?

Then begins the creation process. The best part is that I don’t have to follow what my original sketch or even how I thought I was going to do it my head. I just let my creativity go and something amazing usually comes out.

While choosing beads, chain, wire, and filagree pieces, inspiration always strikes again helping me figure out the best way of putting it together. Amazingly, I found everything I needed for this necklace in my stash! I didn’t have to stop and run out to purchase something, this is very rare!

I started putting it together, and it just started to take on a life of it own. It always makes me happy when I think “This is going to be the coolest thing I have ever made”, during the creation. Here is a picture of where I was when I had to stop for the night and let the glue dry.

peacock necklace in progress

Here is the cliff hanger….Check back tomorrow to see the finished piece! I love it so much, so I hope you come back to see it! It is a spectacular necklace for a bride planning a peacock-themed wedding.

Thanks for reading. See you tomorrow.


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