April 16


The #1 Must Do before you start your Wedding Planning

By Emily Wilke

April 16, 2014

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Hello Brides!

He just popped the question! You are thrilled! You can’t wait to start your wedding planning! Here is my #1 Must Do Tip to get started. This is a question that I have found most brides can’t answer when I ask. However, it is really a great way to start your planning and will help you focus when you get overwhelmed.

Ask yourself, “What are 3 words that would best describe my dream wedding?” Simple question, right? The best part there is no wrong answer! Now there are no rules to this, but don’t write down expensive when you know you have a really small budget. Okay, so take a moment and write down a list of words that pop to your mind when you think about your wedding. Even ask your fiance the question and compare notes. Then narrow it down to 3 and use those words whenever you start making design decisions.

Here are some examples to get you started:

Classic, elegant, rustic, country, family, fun, blingy, sophisticated, intimate, indoor, religious, spiritual, bold, bright, multicultural, warm, simple, big, eclectic, fall, spring, winter wonderland, traditional…and the list just goes on!

Did this help? I would love to hear what your three words are, so leave me a comment below! 


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