October 16


[Trick & Treat] 5 Accessorizing Tricks and How to Treat Yourself!

By Emily Wilke

October 16, 2014

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Hey Lady,

October is all about the transition into Fall, Halloween and Trick-or-Treating. Well that inspired my blog series for the month, Trick & Treat! Every Thursday this month I have been posting this series of Tricks for Bridal, Fashion, Beauty, Accessorizing, and a special jewelry trick as well as ways to treat yourself. So be sure to check back each week!

We all could use a couple of accessorizing tricks to help us get ready in the morning. So here are a few I want to share with you!


1. Remember the quote, “take off the last accessory you put on” by Coco Chanel? Well pretty much forget that right now. Layering is all the rage! However, you want to choose what you want to layer, bracelets, necklaces and rings, just pick one per day. If you choose bracelets you can go with more statement or larger earrings. But if you choose necklaces, keep the earrings to studs or something compact to counter balance the long lines of the necklace layers.

2. Make sure you are displaying your jewelry so you can get dressed easier in the morning. However, you want to make sure NOT to keep your jewelry in your bathroom. The moisture will ruin your jewelry over time. Read more here about caring for you jewelry.

Here is a picture of a trick I just figured out trying to organize some new necklaces. I took a pants hanger that was sitting empty and realized it was perfect for all my long jewelry. The bars open so it is great for those necklaces that don’t have clasps. 

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3. Pick accessory colors that work with your skin tone. Just because it is the fashion color doesn’t mean it will be perfect for you. If you have more yellow, golden undertones then gold and fall colors are great for you. If you are fair, or have more pink undertones, then jewel tones and silver will add that perfect touch.

4. Rings! A cocktail ring can go with anything. Make sure to add a few to your accessory collection. Besides, stacking rings is very hot right now. Wear one on each finger or stack them up on one. You choose!

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5. Use accessories to play up your best and minimize what you think is your worst. Accessories can become focal points. So if you are not happy with your belly, make sure your longer layer necklace doesn’t end there.


We all need to pamper ourselves since most of the time we are caring for everyone else first. These suggestions are for mind, body and soul. Also, I have mixed in a few paid treats with some inexpensive or free ones. Pick the ones that fit your needs and your budget. So here are a few suggestions to get you treating yourself!

1. Buy some new accessories! I know this sound obvious after this post, but giving yourself one or two new items will reinvigorate your wardrobe and get those creative juices flying.

2. Go to an art gallery. By yourself or with a friend. Give yourself a chance to take in the beauty and besides you may get some color inspiration from the art!

3. Take a nature walk, or a walk along the beach. Give yourself time, don’t rush and enjoy the fresh air.

Your Turn! 

Do you have any tricks or treats to add? Leave your comment below.

See ya soon!

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  • Good reminder on the art gallery. We moved to a new city 3 years ago and have yet to check out the art museum. I’m going to do that next week.

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