October 2


[Trick & Treat] 3 Bridal Tricks and How to Treat Yourself!

By Emily Wilke

October 2, 2014

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Hey Lady,

October is all about the transition into Fall, Halloween and Trick-or-Treating. Well that inspired my blog series for the month, Trick & Treat! Every Thursday this month I will be posting a series of Tricks for Bridal, Fashion, Beauty, Accessorizing, and a special jewelry trick as well as ways to treat yourself. So be sure to check back each week!

So are you a bride? Maybe you know one. During the craziness that is wedding planning, we always need help, tips and inspiration. So here are 3 Bridal Tricks to help you out.


1. Get a wedding credit card that builds miles or rewards, whatever matters to you. But imagine, you could possible earn one or two free tickets to your honeymoon!! How amazing would it be to have your honeymoon airfare paid for!

2. Make sure your guests can hear your ceremony. Ask your DJ to mic the officiant. Nothing is worse than being stuck in the back of a big church or at an outdoor wedding and you can’t hear a thing! (Take it from my experience as an attendee, it was so boring)

3. Ask the vendors you have already booked for referrals for the vendors you haven’t. They won’t steer you wrong, and it gives you a great place to start looking! Plus, they may have a vendor suggestion you never knew you needed, like a custom jewelry artist (wink, wink 😉


Since brides have a tendency to get a little overwhelmed with wedding planning, I wanted to give you ways to treat your mind, body and soul.

1. Take a nap! Just give yourself some time to unwind and rejuvenate. You can rub some lavender or eucalyptus essential oils on your temples and wear an eye mask. Let yourself sleep as long as you need. You will have time later to keep planning, plus you will be more efficient after that nap!

2. Schedule a coffee or a lunch with a friend and just talk about them. I know you want to talk about planning. It is so exciting! But give your friends the attention they need, and it will make you feel good too!

3. Try yoga or meditation. Women sometimes forget to take care of themselves. Don’t forget about yourself. Treat your body, mind and soul right, and they will endure the stresses of the wedding planning.

4. Ride a roller coaster, or something else that gives you that adrenaline rush. It can be very invigorating!

Check back next Thursday for my new earrings…they are a real trick and treat!!

Your Turn! 

Do you have any tricks or treats to add? Leave your comment below.

See ya soon!

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