[Trend] Pastel Nail Polish and How to Accessorize!

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Hello Lady!

Pastel Nail polish is on trend right now! Are you loving it too?

You may have wondered the best way to complement this pastel trend with accessories so you don’t look like an Easter egg. Here a few suggestions to help you out. I have a post from last week about Accessorizing using the Color Wheel. Check it out for more detailed information.

Color Blocking:

Choosing blocks of colors for different areas of your body (dress/shoes, or skirt/top) is one great way. Start with your outfit color then pick its complementary color and make that your accessory color. Example your nail polish and shirt are a pastel blue, choose a pastel orange as a statement necklace or earrings. This would make for a stunning outfit.

Go Bold

Pick a brighter shade of the same pastel color. Say your nail polish is pastel pink, go with a brighter more vibrant color pink or fuschia for your accessories. This is called a Monochromatic color scheme.


This is great when wanting to wear two colors and choose a third for your accessories. Triadic colors are evenly spaced apart on the color wheel. See this example below:


So let me know which one of these color tricks you tried with your pastel nail polish. Leave me a comment below!

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