June 12


Traveling with Essential Oils & Jewelry

By Emily Wilke

June 12, 2018

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I have started incorporating essential oils into my lifestyle. I struggle with energy, focus and as a parent, sometimes moodiness ;).

If you have been following me on social media or email, my family is going on a cruise to Alaska. (Eeeekkkk….super excited squeal)

Travel is a wonderful thing, and my husband and I believe in making our kids well traveled little people. They really are amazing and so fun to travel with. However, travel can be a shock to our body and routine. This is why I will never leave home without these particular oils/oil blends that my family has started to love!

  1. Kid Calm- My kids now ask for this every night, they know to roll it on and will do it for each other. This is helpful for when they are a little rowdy, upset, or just to wind down for bed. (Not to say this wouldn’t work for the adults too!)
  2. Digestzen – we will all over eat at the buffet, tummy troubles, or get motion sickness.
  3. OnGuard- travel and you are exposed to all sorts of yucky germs.
  4. Deep Blue- we are always so much more active, rub into your legs and feet in the morning, then again at night. Your muscles and feet will thank you.
  5. Peppermint- This is one of my favorites for my diffuser jewelry. It is perfect for a pick me up, and can also help with motion sickness.
  6. Citrus Bliss- Happy times! I will put this on the kids and my jewelry as well.

This is not a complete list, but it gives you an idea. During the day, especially at port, I will be wearing my lava diffuser jewelry. It will help with a lasting scent throughout the day.

Have you been using essential oils? What about diffuser jewelry?

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