October 5


To Name or Not to Name?

By Emily Wilke

October 5, 2013

Hey there!

One of my biggest struggles with making and selling jewelry comes when I am ready to post it on my online store. The naming of the pieces for me is something I dread every single time. I have never been good with words. How do you name artwork? Do you use characteristics or color? Or should I be just as artsy to where it isn’t obvious why I chose that name? My style of naming has been evolving, the more practice the better you get right? Although, I am not so sure I am getting any better.

Here is my request… HELP! Name this piece!!

Also, if this challenge has been exciting for you I encourage you to visit my online store and check out the names of my other pieces.  Please come back and give me ideas for better names! If you can give me three better names for three pieces you will get my gratitude. Plus, one will WIN a pair of earrings!

So….Ready, Set, Go….get me those names!

  • Bots-Wanna Be Happy or Bots-Wanna Blues Lifter. I read the properties of Botswana Agate, and it purportedly wards off the evil eye and lifts the spirits of the wearer.

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