January 14


The Perfect Gift for Your Engaged Daughter

By Emily Wilke

January 14, 2017

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I love it when I hear that a mother is buying the bridal jewelry for her daughter’s wedding day.

However, they usually don’t know that custom bridal jewelry is an option and stellar gift for the bride!

When moms go out to look for bridal jewelry, they probably go to Macy’s or a Bridal Shop. However, I have a better option for you, Mothers of the Bride. It’s the gift of custom bridal jewelry!

Here’s how it can work:

  • You set the budget with me or with your daughter, or…
  • You purchase a gift certificate, then she schedules the consultation, or…
  • You can set up the consultation and come with her. Then you can determine what you want to purchase and leave the balance for her (especially if she wants to also get bridesmaids gifts)

This way she get the fun of designing her own bridal jewelry and you still get the credit for gifting it to her!!

Or you can surprise her by purchasing the jewelry from me privately. It can be something premade, or we can privately design something for her.

Either way, while we are having fun in the design process we can also create something truly special for you to wear to your daughter’s wedding. Imagine what a treasured piece that would become.

You may not have a daughter getting married….so next time you hear someone say, “My daughter is getting married!” Tell them you have the perfect idea for a gift and then send them my way.

Check out my shop and portfolio for more ideas!

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Photography by Jeff Hall Photography

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