January 14


[Real Bride Spotlight] Stephanie

By Emily Wilke

January 14, 2016

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Crystal Bridal Jewelry

Real Bride Spotlight: Color Splash

When I met Stephanie and explained that I create custom bridal jewelry, she said I was exactly what she was looking for! Stephanie is an amazing red head with a love for color. Her vision for her wedding was a flower garden with color everywhere. Stephanie envisioned her 4 bridesmaids each in a different color dress (Coral, Tangerine, Purple and Yellow) with each wearing a second color shoes and a third color necklace. For example, one bridesmaid was in a purple dress, orange shoes and a yellow necklace. To tie it all together she wanted the same dress style, same shoe style and the same necklace. With all the different colors, she knew she needed to stay consistent with style for it to look cohesive.

It was truly amazing how it all came together…keep reading for the pictures!

Problem: She had this amazing vision and needed a way to make it a reality. She wanted the same necklace but in the exact 4 colors she was planning. This is not something she could find easily in a store. Plus she wanted a crystal necklace and earrings for herself that were unique and delicate.

Solution: We designed a statement necklace for her bridesmaids with Swarovski crystals for the sparkle! We found a crystal that matched each color perfectly. Since everything was so colorful, she wanted to make sure she was in white. So for Stephanie we designed a Y-necklace with clear and champagne colored crystals on sterling silver chain.

Bridal Jewelry

Crystal and Champagne Bridal Jewelry

For Stephanie’s bridal jewelry we designed a simple and delicate, yet stunning set. Using sterling chain, I added champagne colored and clear crystals into a Y-necklace design with matching crystal drop earrings.

Colorful Statement Bridesmaid Jewelry

Colorful Bridesmaid Jewelry 

I suggested this bib necklace design for her bridesmaids. Since we were using only one color in each necklace, I incorporated different shapes and sizes to give it some interest and texture. The only one where I used two colors was the yellow, since Swarovski doesn’t make all the shapes and colors in the soft yellow crystal.  I also created matching earrings mimicking one of the drops from the necklace.


Colorful Bridesmaid Jewelry

Statement Bridesmaid Jewelry

Thank you Stephanie! I am so glad that we were able to give you exactly what you needed to make your vision a reality. I love that you are not afraid of color and you injected such life into your wedding day. Be sure to wear your bridal jewelry again for every anniversary!

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Emily Wilke, Style Avenue Studios

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