March 20


Spring Jewelry Line 2014

By Emily Wilke

March 20, 2014

earrings, necklaces, Spring

Hello Friends,

Spring is here! Here come the sunny days, florals, and bright spring colors.

The Fashion colors for the spring include blues, bright yellows, pastel blues, greens and purples. However, just because they say those colors are in fashion doesn’t mean others are disappearing. Coral or Mint anyone?!! In fact, others have to stick around because not all fashion colors work for everyone’s color palate.  You can read more about dressing for your skin tone in this post.

I love to try and include fashion colors, but it is also just as important to take into account people’s tastes and preferences. So here is a sampling of my new spring collection.

N0036a N0040 N0041 N0042a E0139

Your Turn!

Please comment below and tell me which is your favorite!

Thanks for reading!



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