January 23


Spring 2014 Fashion Colors

By Emily Wilke

January 23, 2014

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I have started paying more attention to the fashion colors Pantone chooses for the year’s seasons. As a jewelry designer I want to make sure the pieces I am creating are within the scope of the fashion colors. However, my philosophy is to create pieces that reflect an individual’s personal style so they remain timeless and a great addition to any wardrobe.

My tip is for you to select one or two of the colors a year that fit within your color story and add it to your wardrobe. They best way is to pick colors that fit your skin and hair color and to find piece of clothing  skirt, shirt, or pants) that can become a staple in your wardrobe. It will ensure longevity of the piece and will withstand the ins and outs of fashion.

For more information on dressing within your color story read this post: Are you choosing the right colors?

Below are the descriptions for the Spring 2014 color palate if you find when shopping this season.

  • Placid Blue: a subtle pastel blue, like the sky
  • Violet Tulip: a pastel bluish purple, romantic and vintage
  • Hemlock: also a pastel green, summery
  • Paloma: a cool grey, great neutral with pops of color or perfect on its own
  • Freesia: a blazing yellow, flowery and warm
  • Sand: a light brown reminding us of summer on the beach
  • Cayenne: a high voltage red, with pink undertones.
  • Dazzling Blue: just what the name implies. A blue that just radiates! Pair it with the Placid Blue or with the other bold colors.
  • Radiant Orchid (also the color of the year): the bold counterpart to Violet Tulip. Wear together for an au courant (fully informed) look . (I just learned this term too!)

My Spring season’s jewelry collection will be sure to include a few of these colors! I am loving the Radiant Orchid, Cayenne, Dazzling Blue, Sand and Paloma.

What colors are you drawn too? Are you planning to include any of them in your closet this year? Leave me a message below and let me know!



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