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Hello Lady,

I am not sure how much you know about me yet, but I just love the career path I have chosen, custom handmade jewelry. And I wanted to give you a glimpse into my world. So, if you didn’t see my last post on my creative process you can check how my crazy creative mind works. Today, I want to take you through one particular necklace I just created. I picked this one for a couple of reasons:

  1. I am so in love these beads!
  2. I want to show you how I flow through my handmade jewelry process
  3. And I want to show you how things change or the epiphanies I get along the way

The main focus of this necklace are the largest beads made from Spiny Oyster. I just fell in love with them at the gem fair. I just couldn’t wait to get started.  These will be perfect for a fall fashion since Sangria will be a popular 2014 Fall color.

You may be able to tell from the picture, but these are relatively large, heavy beads. I wanted them to be the focus, but without adding 15 lbs to your outfit. So my design focuses on 5 spiny oysters beads and a large chain to disperse the actual and visual weight.

While adding them to the chain, I decided I needed clusters of various beads to add texture and color. I immediately chose pearls and garnets, since those matched so well. The pearls as well as the oyster allude to the sea. I realized something was missing while I was adding the clusters and then I noticed the caramel color in the spiny oyster and it POPPED into my head, caramel colored crystal would give the color and the sparkle this piece needed!

spiny oyster, pearls, garnet, swarovski crystal

I started adding the clusters and how I originally planned it changed, all for the better. My original plan almost NEVER stays the same from concept to finished product. But that is the fun part, I get to problem solve and continually adapt at every moment.

When I finished the last cluster, I knew this wasn’t what I had original planned and I was so happy with the result!

Now I have to name it! Help me out! What would you name this necklace? Leave me a comment below.

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Thanks for reading,

Emily Wilke, Style Avenue Studios


Author: Emily Wilke

When I’m not creating beautiful jewelry — you can find me cuddling with my 2 kids and 2 cats, sneaking away for wine tasting with my hubby and I almost always have a coffee in hand.

  • Oh Emily, just received the spiny oyster necklace and it is FABULOUS!! It’s even more beautiful in person–I couldn’t be more thrilled!!

    • Shirley,
      I am SO happy that you love the necklace. It has been one of my favorites and it pleases me that you love it so much too! Thank you so much for your continued support.

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