November 6


[Series] Reason #1 to Work with a Jewelry Artist for your Wedding Jewelry

By Emily Wilke

November 6, 2014

dainty jewelry, delicate jewelry

Dainty Bridal jewelry

Hello Bridal Beauty!

In this series I will highlight the many ways custom jewelry can solve your wedding jewelry dilemmas. I create custom handmade jewelry specific to your dress and your style. We can even do it for your bridesmaids and it make a lovely bridal party gift.

I find that custom jewelry for your wedding day can be a solution to a variety a problems. As a bride, you may have only one of the common problems, but you could also have a couple. Here is the most common reason brides choose to have me create their bridal jewelry.

Reason #1:  You can’t find what you are looking for.

Maybe you want delicate and dainty, but the trend right now is for statement jewelry. With custom jewelry we can create exactly what you want.

This is so common. I have brides want something light and delicate because their dress is the statement. Makes total sense to me. However, most bridal jewelry out there is large, chunky, sparkly, and full of pearls. Not to say that I don’t use pearls or crystals, but you should have control over how many of each you want!

Here are some examples of delicate and dainty jewelry I have made for recent brides.

delicate, dainty, bridal jewelry, wedding jewelry


I would love to hear what your problem is. Please leave me a comment below telling me about your jewelry problem!

You can also visit the Brides Page for more information.  Feel free to contact me for your free, no obligation jewelry consultation.

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Emily Wilke, Style Avenue Studios



  • My wedding is past, but my dress was very problematic to accessorize. It had a high neckline and long sleeves. All in lace, it was very striking, but all I could think to do for jewelry were pearl earrings.

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