February 3


[Real Bride Spotlight] Samantha

By Emily Wilke

February 3, 2015

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Real Bride Spotlight

Today we are highlighting the fun and bright Samantha! After talking for just a few minutes with Samantha, it was clear she had a strong vision for her wedding theme. She chose a 4-color palette: royal blue, deep purple, lavender and light blue.

Not only did she have her bridesmaids to consider, her groom chose two groomswomen to stand with him! Therefore Samantha wanted each girl to have something unique and special, but wanted to create a cohesive look.

Problem: Chose different dress styles for her bridesmaids and wanted unique and special gifts for her bridesmaids and groomswomen. Also wanted to bring color into her jewelry.

Solution: Created jewelry sets for each bridesmaid and groomswoman to fit with her dress and color. Designed bride’s jewelry to tie her color palate together and flatter her dress lines.

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Groomswomen Jewelry

Samantha wasn’t afraid to use color! The groomswomen jewelry was designed with aqua and black Swarovski crystals on dainty silver chain. Since they wore different style dresses, we used the same materials but in various designs to flatter the specific dress lines.

Bridesmaids Jewelry

The bridesmaids’ jewelry were created in a combination of purple Swarovski crystals and pearls on the same dainty silver chain. Since all 5 bridesmaids had different dress styles, we created individualized jewelry sets to best accessorize their dresses.


Bridal Jewelry

Samantha’s bridal jewelry included a combination of purple and blue Swarovski crystals to tie everything together. The necklace shape is called a Y-necklace, the best style you can choose for a sweetheart neckline. Overall, it was the perfect combination to accent her dress and add the finishing touch to her color palate.

Real bride Samantha1

Thank you Samantha for allowing me to create the jewelry for your wedding day! It was such a pleasure working with you and bringing your ideas to life. Don’t forget to wear it again on every anniversary!

See you soon,

Emily Wilke, Style Avenue Studios

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