October 7


[Real Bride Spotlight] Katy A.

By Emily Wilke

October 7, 2014

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Hey There,

I wanted to share with you a real bride. Her name is Katy and she came to me for a solution. Katy had loads of amazing heirloom jewelry to choose from and wanted to make sure that she wore those important pieces during her ceremony. However, she also wanted to show her style by changing into a statement necklace that was more her taste.

Problem: Wearing heirlooms for the ceremony and wanted a reception necklace

Solution: Created a special statement necklace more her style

We were able to design a statement necklace for her reception that fit with her style. It brought the bling to the party! During our consultation she showed me designs of necklaces that she liked and her headband to match.

The photo above shows the necklace design and her glamorous photo in her wedding gown.

Thank you Katy for giving me the chance to be a part of your wedding day! It was truly a pleasure working with you. I hope it was the perfect day and the jewelry was all that you hoped for. Make sure you wear it again on every anniversary!

See you soon,

Emily Wilke, Style Avenue Studios

  • Thank you, Emily! I had such a great time creating and perfecting this piece with you! This was the last thing I took off after the wedding (tmi?) because I felt so glamorous and it was the perfect fit. I was thrilled to have also found a pair of earrings from your collection that coordinated-for those times when I need more bling than my heirloom studs provide!
    Hopefully, I’ll soon get to work with you on a piece to commemorate our first child! Thank you.

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