March 12


[Real Bride Spotlight] Janette

By Emily Wilke

March 12, 2015

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Real Bride Spotlight

custom bridal jewelry

Today we are highlighting the lovely Janette! After talking for just a few minutes with Janette at a bridal fair, she knew custom jewelry was the answer to her problem. She wanted something delicate and dainty, but all she’d seen around were large statement pieces.

Problem: Wanted something delicate and dainty for her and her bridesmaids.

Solution: Created the same dainty jewelry set for each bridesmaid and a similar jewelry set for her bridal jewelry.

custom bridal jewelry

Bridal Jewelry

Janette wanted her bridal jewelry to have an all gold appearance with just a touch of glimmer. So we designed a delicate Y-necklace with 14kt gold chain and golden shadow Swarovski crystals to give just the right hint of sparkle.

Bridesmaids Jewelry

The bridesmaids’ jewelry was created in a combination of light blue and golden shadow Swarovski crystals on a dainty gold chain. Even though all 6 bridesmaids had different dress styles, this one necklace style complemented all the dresses beautifully!

Thank you Janette for allowing me to create the jewelry for your wedding day! I had the best time designing this jewelry with you! Don’t forget to wear it again on every anniversary!

See you soon,

Emily Wilke, Style Avenue Studios

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