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[Real Bride Spotlight] Grace B.

By Emily Wilke

May 28, 2015

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 vintage bridal jewelry

Real Bride Spotlight

Vintage Bridal Jewelry

I met Grace at a Bridal Fair while she was doing research for her brides. She is a wedding planner, but she was putting her clients first, even though she was also planning her own wedding. Her wedding was coming up quick and, since she was so busy, we scheduled a virtual consultation.

Her amazing dress was a vintage wedding gown that was actually falling apart. Her seamstress needed to rebuild it. Therefore, in order to do this dress justice, we needed to create vintage-inspired jewelry.

Problem: Wanted vintage style jewelry that was beautiful and understated. The dress was the statement.

Solution: Created a gold vintage headband, a two strand asymmetrical necklace, and stud earrings. She also needed a headband to giveaway.

Bridal Jewelry

pearl bridal necklace

During our consultation, Grace showed me pictures of other jewelry and elements she wanted me to include. After doing some research I was able to come up with a perfect design. She really did give me some creative license, and I didn’t want to disappoint.

custom vintage bridal jewelry

Since Grace wanted the vintage look with no crystals, we focused on antique and brushed gold metal pieces and pearls. The bridal necklace was created with real pearls and a handmade filigree piece on the side. This embellishment connected two strands to one, creating a vintage-inspired asymmetrical necklace. Her delicate stud earrings were made to match the side embellishment.

Grace’s bridal headband was a created with a mix of gold metal flowers and leaf metal pieces. I added additional pearls to match her necklace and earrings.

vintage bridal headband

vintage bridal jewelry vintage pearl necklace

Extra Headband

pearl headband

Instead of doing a bouquet toss, Grace wanted to include a Finnish tradition, the “Dance of the Crowns.” The blindfolded bride places a gold crown on one of the girls dancing around her. She asked me to create a second headband instead of a crown so she didn’t give away her bridal headband. I used hers as an inspiration and created a simple but beautiful headband the winner is likely to wear again.

I wanted my wedding to be different yet traditional at the same time. I knew I wanted to incorporate my fiances Finnish background too, but I had zero ideas of Finnish wedding traditions. When I started searching online, I found the tradition of the floral crown dance. I loved doing this at my wedding. It seemed like the girls actually wanted to participate unlike many bouquet tosses I’ve seen. The girl that got the crown was so excited, she’d never been the one to catch the bouquet!  ~ Grace

Thank you Grace for trusting me with some creative license and allowing me create the jewelry to match that gorgeous gown. It was a pleasure and don’t forget to wear it again on every anniversary!

For more information on how Grace can help you plan the wedding of your dreams, be sure to check out her website,

Photography by the amazing Kurtis Ostrom of Kurtis Ostrom Photography


Grace and Jesse wedding has been featured by Real Weddings magazine! If you want to see more of what her vintage wedding looked like or the stunning photography check it out on their blog.

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