February 16


[Real Bride Spotlight] Carisa

By Emily Wilke

February 16, 2016

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Bridal Jewelry
Photo by: Steven Farrell of Farrell Photography

Real Bride Spotlight

Bridal and Bridesmaid Jewelry

Carisa was lucky enough to have some heirloom pieces to wear on her wedding day. However, she wanted to add to the look with some custom made jewelry. Her wedding day vision included a large bridal party with an ombre spectrum and a variety of bridesmaid dresses. This made it difficult for her to find jewelry that would bring the look together. This is where I was able to help!

Problem: Carisa wanted a second bracelet, hair comb, and earrings to complete her look. In addition, she had a large bridal party with 3 tones of teal and different dress styles. Therefore, she wanted the jewelry to help create a cohesive look while still individually pairing perfectly with the dress.

Solution: Designed a hair comb with rose gold pearls, a chunky rose gold pearl bracelet and shimmering crystal earrings for her! To highlight her maid of honor, we made the same bracelet in the bridesmaid colors and 8 different earring styles for each bridesmaid using the same materials.

Bridal Jewelry

glamour bridal earrings
Photo by: Steven Farrell of Farrell Photography

We started with a bracelet called Pearl Cluster. It is a chunky bracelet with clusters of pearls and crystals in between larger pearls. Carisa wanted it designed with rose gold pearls, real pearls and clear crystals. The vintage hair comb included real pearls, rose gold glass pearls and crystals and added to her stunning lace gown! To add some glitz to her look we gave her these stunning crystal drop earrings.

Rose Gold Bridal Jewelry Vintage Hair Comb

Rose gold bridal bracelet
Photo by: Steven Farrell of Farrell Photography

Teal Bridesmaid Jewelry

Carisa had a vision for her day that included 8 of her favorite girls! She chose 3 dress colors to create a teal ombre look, plus she let her bridesmaids choose the dress style that fit their body style. In order to bring this look together, we created 8 different earring styles using the same crystal colors. For her maid-of-honor we also made a bracelet in the same style as hers, but in the gray and teal color scheme.

bridesmaid jewelry earrings

Teal Ombre Bridesmaid Jewelry

Thank you Carisa for choosing me for your bridal and bridesmaid jewelry. It was such a fun process designing individual earrings for each of your bridesmaids. Remember, be sure to wear your jewelry again when you go out for your anniversary!

Thanks to the amazing Steven and Stephanie from Farrell Photography for providing the stunning images of Carisa’s wedding day.

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