April 7


[Real Bride Spotlight] Jenn F.

By Emily Wilke

April 7, 2015

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Real Bride Spotlight: Bridal Jewelry

J.Gomez Real Bride

There are so many reasons why I love what I do. One of them is the relationships I am building. I truly love all my brides! During our meetings, Jenn and I would sit and talk forever like we were old friends.

The story she shared with me after her wedding made me cry:

So, here’s my jewelry story. As you know, my dad has passed away and planning my wedding without him was tough. The first day I tried on my jewelry, the sun hit it and it sent little rainbows all over the room…this was like my dad letting me know he was there! When I was little, my dad hung crystal prisms in my nursery and my room growing up and would spin them to send rainbows all over my walls, it was one of those daddy-daughter things. I hadn’t really thought about that until my jewelry! And then it happened again twice on our wedding day, when I was getting ready and when Richard and I were taking pictures. So, thank you for helping create such a special moment!   ~Jenn F.

Not only did she see the rainbows, but some of the pictures were able to catch them against Richard’s suit. What an amazing added benefit to her custom jewelry. Now not only will it hold the memory of her wedding day, but of her father too!

This all came about when Jenn and I met at a bridal show; she knew custom jewelry was the solution to her problem. She had been searching for jewelry before we met and couldn’t find what she wanted in her price range or couldn’t find enough of an affordable set for all seven of her bridesmaids. Jenn wanted the same necklace for all her girls in a contrasting color to their coral dresses. In addition, she wanted jewelry that was sparkly, yet delicate for herself.

Problem: Wants beautiful and meaningful jewelry for her wedding day. Also needs 7 necklaces in the same style, in a light turquoise, and in her price range.

Solution: Created the perfect sparkly bridal jewelry for her dress, jewelry sets for all 7 bridesmaids, plus a pair of earrings for her sister.

Jewelry Real Bride

Bridal Jewelry

Jenn’s dress was stunning with a beaded bodice and a sweetheart neckline. I suggested a Y-necklace as it is a perfect option to highlight the feminine shape of the neckline. We pulled in crystals and silver that would match the dress.

She wanted the round crystals elements because of all the sparkle. I added tiny white and clear crystal into the chain. It made for a truly stunning piece.

custom crystal bridal jewelry

Bridesmaids Jewelry

The bridesmaids were in a lovely coral halter lace dress. Jenn wanted to use her secondary color, light teal, for a added pop. These glass pearls were perfect! They only go up to where the halter starts, and the back is finished with chain. This design made it more comfortable to wear with a halter style dress.

custom pearl bridesmaid jewelry

The flower girl, her sister, received a similar pair to wear with her white dress.

flower girl earrings

Thank you Jenn for allowing me to create the jewelry for your wedding day! It was so much fun getting to know you. It seemed like we were old friends. The story you shared with me about your dad is one I will never forget. Don’t forget to wear it again on every anniversary!

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Emily Wilke, Style Avenue Studios

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