March 19


[Real Bride Spotlight] Pixie Haircuts and Accessories

By Emily Wilke

March 19, 2018

custom bridal jewelry, hair accessories

A year ago I had this beautiful couple come to me with a problem to solve. They both had classic, albeit different, pixie haircuts and were having trouble finding hair pieces for their wedding day.

Colette had already purchased a halo piece with ribbon, but it wasn’t quite right. She wanted clips on it so that it would clip to her hair and ditch the ribbon. We also personalized it with some purple crystals to pick up on the purple in her suit.

Diana had a vision for a side hair clip with feathers! It needed to be small because she didn’t want it overwhelming. She was having trouble finding something that would clip to her short hair and that was the right size.  So we designed it especially for her!

We started with the a rhinestone crystal button piece,  just a few feathers, and some sprays of crystals. It was a stunning piece that added so much pop to her bridal look!

Happy Anniversary!! I hope your first year was magical and here’s to a long happy life together.

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