December 30


Our 2014 Christmas Story

By Emily Wilke

December 30, 2014

christmas spirit

Christmas came and went so quickly, but we are still enjoying all that it brought. This year my kids are almost 4 and almost 2, and they really got into the spirit of St. Nick.

My son, the older child, really started understanding the story of Santa Claus and had a ball opening up his presents. Our daughter was a joy to watch tearing through the wrapping paper. Most of her excitement came just from ripping. Santa brought our kids a really awesome gift — an indoor trampoline. He must have known how desperately they needed to get their energy out while the weather is so dreary! The look on their faces tells it all!


The funniest part was at the in-laws. My daughter received a baby and a baby stroller after my son opened his awesome Buzz Lightyear. He came over and said, “I want this (pointing to the doll), she can have that (pointing to his Buzz).” Of course they continue to fight over the stroller. I think this means he will be an amazing dad someday!!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season! I was able to take some time off and really enjoy what the holidays are all about — family and love. I am truly blessed to have a fantastic family and be able to work in a business I am passionate about.

What was your favorite memory from Christmas this year? Leave me a comment below!

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