December 4


{Opinion Poll} How do you like your jewelry?

By Emily Wilke

December 4, 2014

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Hey There!

I have an Opinion Poll for you today. Don’t worry there is no wrong answer! In order to make jewelry that will appeal to you I need to know:

How do you wear your jewelry?  

What I mean by that is do you like wearing matching sets, coordinated items based on color or elements, or completely contrasting? And of course if there is another way I have missed, please tell me!

If you liked a necklace would you like a matching pair of earrings. If you bought a set would you wear it together or split them apart? Your likes and dislikes help me when I am in the designing process. So please clear the air and tell me using the poll below! 

Thank you for your time!

Emily Wilke, Style Avenue Studios

Emily Wilke

About the author

When I’m not creating beautiful jewelry — you can find me cuddling with my 2 kids and 2 cats, sneaking away for wine tasting with my hubby and I almost always have a coffee in hand.

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