October 21


October 2013 Gem Fair Series: Healing Properties?

By Emily Wilke

October 21, 2013



Hello Friends!

Every three months I am lucky enough to attend a gem fair to get new beads, findings, wire, chain and inspiration for next round of jewelry. I will post a series of my Gem Fair Goodies and let you know what they are, why I loved them and what I am planning to make.

Here is my first post for my October Gem Fair Series. In the picture above are mother of pearl shells that have been irradiated with color and then a swirl of sterling silver is added on top. I love these so much for their color and shapes. They are great to dress up jeans and the red is especially great for christmas/holiday time!

I am planning (and already begun) some simple but lovely earrings! Be sure to watch for a post soon to come with the finish products!

Interesting Facts:

  • Mother of pearl has protection and healing properties.
  • It works for stress relief and calming and soothing your emotions
  • It is a first anniversary gemstone gift

What do you think of my find? What of the colors do you like the most? Be sure to leave a comment below to let me know!

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