April 9


[Jewelry Spotlight] Oceania Necklace 2 Ways

By Emily Wilke

April 9, 2015

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How to Wear this Necklace 2 Ways

necklace 2 waysI love getting special requests. Not only that, but I love how inspiration can come from those requests.

My friend and business coach, Mary, saw a necklace I posted on Facebook but wanted it in a different color combo. We decided ocean and sandy colors would be perfect.

I was just about done and asked if she wanted the necklace short or long. She asked if she could have both. So I thought about how I could do that, and this necklace was born!

Mary will now be able to wear it short (20″) by threading the chain through the oval connector and clasping it on the opposite side. This creates a double stranded bib necklace. The next day she can then wear it long by hooking the clasp to the other oval connector giving her a 36″ rope necklace.

Imagine the possibilities and how she can incorporate this into her wardrobe. Thanks for the inspiration Mary!

Want one for yourself? Contact me today for your own custom necklace in your very own color scheme!

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