January 8


My Everyday Superhero

By Emily Wilke

January 8, 2015

Em and JoshThis is my amazing husband, Josh. He is my soul mate, best friend, father to my kids, support, math genus, Excel expert, editor, and my CFO to name a few.

On any given day he gives me time to work by playing with the kids. However, he also does my financial books, keeps track of all the leads I need to follow up on, hands me the ones I do need to call that day, creates amazing spreadsheets, edits my blog posts, helps me fine tune processes, packs up my car for vendor fairs, is my back up at bridal shows, even helps me with a few jewelry related tasks, and ships all my jewelry orders. Oh, and we can’t forget that I test bracelet sizes on him since my wrist is crazy tiny.

So basically I couldn’t do this without him! Thank you for everything. I love you, Josh!

I hope you have a partner in your life that helps and supports your efforts like I do.

See you soon!

Emily Wilke, Style Avenue Studios

  • You’ve always been a great jewelry artist, but it is impressive to see what you’ve done to turn yourself into a successful business woman. Anything I can do to help your business succeed is only going to benefit our family. Plus I love creating Excel spreadsheets! Love you too.

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