June 9


Mexico: Feeling Refreshed and Inspired

By Emily Wilke

June 9, 2014

Fire Opal| Style Avenue Studios

Ah, vacation!

It is a wonderful thing. After spending a week in a penthouse overlooking the beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, with my family I am full of inspiration and completely rejuvinated. Although I considered taking my jewelry tools with me to work on some pending projects, I decided at the last minute to leave them at home and just enjoy the time away. I was so glad that I did because I got plenty of rest and relaxation. Now I am ready for a busy summer full of craft fairs, bridal expos and custom work.

While I was down there, I also got bouts of inspiration. The Mexican jewelry is so colorful and chunky. But most of my inspiration came from the landscape and wildlife. There were a couple times that I had to grab my notebook and draw sketches of things that inspired me. I may try to incorporate some Mexican themes into some of my future pieces.

Also, while we were on the way to tour the botanical gardens, our tour guide announced that we were going to make a quick stop at a jeweler that sold fire opals. I got all giddy because I know how beautiful fire opals are. Unlike the Australian opals that can be blue and milky, the Mexican fire opals are white and show iridescent flecks of red, blue, green, and gold when held in the light. My husband ended up buying me a beautiful triangular shaped stone that I am in love with!  He is a smart man because he knows that he doesn’t need to buy me the full piece of jewelry, but can rather spend less and just buy the stone and let me make something out of it on my own.

My plan for this stone is to wire wrap it with sweeping and soft lines. I will be sure to post my finished project. However, sorry to disappoint this one won’t be for sale! This one is all mine 🙂

Your turn! 

What is your favorite memento from a vacation? Leave me a comment below! 

Thanks for reading!

Emily Wilke, Style Avenue Studios



  • I proposed to my wife in San Juan, Puerto Rico, soon after we boarded a ship for a 7 day Caribbean cruise. I let her pick out her own ring the next day when we stopped in St. Thomas of the US Virgin Islands. Then we just spent the rest of the next week using the cruise to celebrate our new engagement.

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