February 14


{Love} Your Skin…How to care for it!

By Emily Wilke

February 14, 2014

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Since LOVE is the theme of the month we are now talking about how you can love your skin! I am lucky enough to have found a great skin care line. I have very, very, very sensitive skin so I am always weary of trying new products. However, after seeing my skin change for the worse and slight aging signs creeping up, I decided to give Rodan & Fields a try, mostly because of a great consultant I met at a craft fair. We were both vendors, sitting next to each other, so I got a chance to really talk to her. After trying and, like I said before, LOVING the product I decided to interview her and share her with you!! Read to the end to find my before and after photos.

Welcome Michelle Bonilla, an Independent Consultant for Rodan & Fields.

Me: “What are three tips you can give to take care of your skin?”

Michelle: “1. Always use sunscreen. 2. Use great skin care . 3. Wear sunglasses! Squinting gives you crows feet.”

Me: “What benefits or success stories have you seen since you have been with the company?”

Michelle: “My skin has improved dramatically. I get “WOW, your skin looks great!” all the time. My wrinkles have reduced dramatically. Plus my mother has had significant improvements, and all of her friends started using the skin care because of her success. These are just a few from the many success stories I have seen.”

Me: “How much time prior to a big event or wedding would you recommend someone to start a skin regimen?”

Michelle: “At least 6 months because you will see the maximum benefits at the time. You will see results in as little as 30-60 days, but if you can give it 6 months then you will see the most change”

Me: “What is your favorite product to suggest?”

Michelle: “I love them all but I love the night serum and the eye cream. Those items anyone can use no matter which of the 4 regimens you are using.”

If you are interested in finding out more about Rodan & Fields and what it can do for you, please contact Michelle.

Michelle Bonilla

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