November 20


{Jewelry Spotlight} Acorn Earrings

By Emily Wilke

November 20, 2014

accessories, earrings, Seasonal Jewelry

Hey there!

Here is another jewelry spotlight! These are so freakin’ adorable in my opinion, so I hope you love them too. It goes right along with my love of Fall/Autumn and a sophisticated take on seasonal jewelry: Acorn earrings!

They come in a bunch of color options: Maroon, Smoky Blue, Bronze, Rose Gold, Gray, and Green. You can also get any of those colors with either an antique silver top or copper top. Plus, the best part is that they are only $13!

The colors shown below are Maroon, Smoky Blue and Rose Gold. For more colors visit the Shop.

Acorn Earrings, Style Avenue Studios, handmade jewelry

So what colors are you loving? Let me know, leave a comment below. 

Have a great day!

Emily Wilke, Style Avenue Studios



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