January 6


How to Organize your Studio or Office in 4 easy steps!

By Emily Wilke

January 6, 2015

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Bing, ratatattat, crash! Aaahhhh! Fudge! This is what it use to sound like in my jewelry studio when I would spill beads, tools or other supplies. Although it can include an “OUCH” too! While in my creative chaos I would get so involved with my process that I would let the mess overwhelm me, and then I would have nowhere to work.  Does this sound like you? Or are you super organized?

Last week I shared my New Year and New Outlook. Resolution #4 is to keep my jewelry studio organized so I can make my handmade jewelry more efficiently and with less chaos!

Over the course of the year I have noticed what I use on a daily or weekly basis and the items that are not as well used. This guided my organization process.

Here are 4 tips to help you with your organization process, no matter what you need to organize. 

1. Ask yourself “How do I work?” This is the key question you need to ask yourself when organizing your office or hobby space.

2. Find your motivating hotspot. I started from the top down. This made the most visual impact of clearing the clutter and since I am a visual person it made me feel good.

3. Separate items into categories. I separated my hobby items from the jewelry supply items. After that, I took it a step further and separated them into subcategories: well used, slightly used, haven’t used in a long time…

4. Take notes. While I was sorting, cleaning, tossing and repurposing, I made notes of what kind of organizational items I needed.

  • Such as 2 white drawer bins, 4 photo boxes, 1 binder.
  • Use specific numbers of items instead of “more.” When I started my list I wrote binder and then used tally marks. Then just count up the tally marks. Also note what you want it for when you are writing it down.
  • Specify where they would go and what size they need to be. This helped me with my vision of how it would look and how I would work with it. This also made sure I didn’t over buy and bought exactly what I needed. I even went out later to buy a few more little items, such as folders and paper organizing items.

So check out the before and after photos below for a peek behind the scenes!

Your Turn! What are you going to organize next? Leave me a comment below.

handmade jewelry studio


See you next time!

Emily Wilke, Style Avenue Studios

  • I’m organizing my half of our master bedroom walk-in closet. I started by culling out the garments that I seldom or never wear. I removed the clothes that don’t fit my DYT profile (Type 2). Then I arranged my closet according to layering pieces. I grouped my daily wear in the front where it’s most easily accessible. From right to left on the bottom rack: Camisoles, shells, tees, tops, blouses, grouped generally by color. From right to left on the top rack: Suits, jackets, sweaters, bottoms (trousers and jeans). I only have two dresses, which I wear infrequently, so they are in a garment bag in the back with special purpose or seasonal garments. I took my scarves from the drawer where they were stuffed and hung them on two 4-tier pants hangers where I can see them and make a quick selection. Next I need to organize and display my jewelry. I need a stand of some sort for necklaces and necklaces. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Nancy! Thanks for sharing your closet organizing process. It sounds great!

      Tips for jewelry organization: I use a pants hanger as well for bracelets and necklaces. Frames with mesh or chicken wire stretched inside are perfect to hang earrings on. Or if you like earrings in a jewelry box, use buttons to keep the pair together.

      Hope that helps!

  • I love these tips! I am currently in the process of turning a room in our house into an office/den for myself. I will be using these tips.

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