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How to Fill the Gaps in Your Accessories in 5 mins a Day!

By Emily Wilke

May 30, 2018

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Are you struggling putting outfits together? Maybe you have been noticing a couple of things when you are getting dressed:

1. You don’t have the right kind of jewelry to complete your outfits


2. You keep buying the same kind of jewelry because it’s what appeals to you, but that leaves you with big gaps in how you would like to accessorize.

My Secret

Even though I make my own jewelry I suffer from #2! I keep creating the same things and in the same color for myself. It’s crazy, and I need to branch out. My style is changing and now I need to adapt it to the jewelry I make and keep for myself!

I wanted to share with you the process I developed to help you fill in those gaps in your accessories.

My 3 Step Process:

1. Hang a notepad and pencil in or near your closet

Each day, and for each outfit you try on, make notes of what you envision accessorizing it with, what you would love to have. Think about the colors, metals, length, and write it down before you take off the outfit.

2. Use an App

If you are more tech savvy, you can use a journal app to take a pic of your outfit and then make notes in there. I like DayOne, it gives you the ability to attach a picture to your journal entry.

3. Read your notes and prioritize

Then after 2 or 3 weeks, go back through your notes and identify common themes or pieces. You can prioritize them and buy the most important few first. Keep the prioritized list with you, so that when you are out and find a good sale you can refer to the list.

This will help stop you from buying them same types of pieces over and over again or from forgoing the accessories altogether. I know I feel more put together when I leave the house with the right accessories. They will take your look from good to FAB!

When you are ready, don’t forget to check out my shop!  

Emily Accessorized

Do you have a process you use to help with accessorizing or shopping for jewelry pieces? Leave a comment and let me know! I might even credit you in a blog post!

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