September 21


How to Determine Your Face Shape

By Emily Wilke

September 21, 2015

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Face Shape

Have you ever found a pair of earrings you love, but once you put them on they just don’t look that great? Well this has everything to do with your face shape. You can love the shape and design of the earrings, but if they don’t highlight or minimize the right features on your face they won’t be right for you.

Check out my tips for choosing jewelry based on your face shape!

There are so many benefits to knowing your face shape. This includes hair styles, how best to apply make-up, and of course what jewelry will highlight your best assets. Knowing this can be the catalyst to finding your personal style! Or at least make things easier when you are shopping. Who doesn’t want that?!

So let’s figure out your face shape. 

Here is infographic to help. Also be sure to get to the end for some tips if you are having trouble.

face shapes
Photo Credit: The Beauty Department

Helpful Tips

1. Look in the mirror and use a dry erase marker to draw and outline around your face OR take a photo of you looking directly at the camera and then draw an outline around your face.

2. It is easier to determine if you pull your hair back into a pony tail or clip back your bangs.

3. Don’t include your ears in the shape, you are just outlining the outside contours.


So let me know what you find out!

Emily Wilke, Style Avenue Studios

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