September 22


How to Choose the Best Earrings for Your Face Shape

By Emily Wilke

September 22, 2015

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How to choose earring base on your face shape

When you are wearing the perfect earrings, you know it! They become your favorite pair, and you probably wear them multiple times per week. You may not even know why they are your favorite pair, or you can’t seem to duplicate it in another pair. They are just right. It’s likely they are your favorite because they create balance and highlight your best features. You happened to pick the perfect style for your personality and face shape. It is my goal is to help to recreate that “this is the best pair of earrings” feeling.

No matter what the season or what you are wearing, people can always see your earrings. They bring attention up to your face and as I have said before, the right pair will highlight your best features. By making educated buying decisions when it comes to your accessories, you will end up with a closet full of fantastic earrings!

The first step is to find out your face shape. If you don’t know your face shape, check out How to Determine Your Face Shape. Okay! Now that you know your face shape, let’s figure out the right earring characteristics to accent your features.

It’s all about creating balance

The main idea is to choose earring shapes that are in contrast to your face shape. When you choose the right style of earrings it creates a balanced look. It does this by drawing attention away from the widest section by creating more volume or width were your face is more narrow.  Once you know the basics I also want you to consider your personality. Do you prefer subtle or bold styles? I suggest you test a few styles. Notice how you feel in them and what kind of compliments you get.

Of course if you find out that your favorite pair is actually something you are suppose to avoid but you love them anyway, then KEEP them. It really is about how you feel. Confidence is beauty!

Find your face shape below:

Oval Face

If you are having a hard time figuring out your shape, chances are you are oval. Many types of earrings will look fabulous on you. A good rule of thumb is to stick with medium length earrings and to stay away from super long earrings or elongated ovals. Earrings with tear drops and chandelier earrings should be a staple for you!

Oval Face shape Earrings

Round Face

You want to make sure you choose earrings with length and angles. This will contrast your round face and bring the attention down towards your chin. You also should stay away from small studs and short earrings, since they bring attention to the widest part of your face. However, if you do want to wear short earrings or studs, choose ones with angular features.

Earrings for Round Face Shape

Square Face

You have face that is close in length and width, with a square jaw. You want to bring attention down, to elongate your face. You want to wear earrings that are longer and narrow. The best options for you are long dangle earrings with clustering, teardrops, and geometric shapes (except avoid squares). You can also choose hoops or earrings with soft curving lines. Basically stay away from short earrings and squares.

Earrings for Square Face Shape


You have a rectangle face if you have a angular jaw and your face is longer than it is wide.  You want to add volume to the width of your face with earrings that are wider. Avoid earrings that drop below your jaw line, like long slender dangle earrings.

Choose showy studs, short earrings, hearts, ovals, tear drops, or hoops. Make sure they are soft, rounded edges and a medium length.

Earrings for Rectangle Shape Earrings

Oblong Face

Oblong is similar to rectangle, but your face is more narrow and softer lines. The best option is to choose fashion button earrings to bring the attention to the middle of your face….your eyes! Or keep it short and close to your earlobe.

Earrings for Oblong Face Shape

Diamond Face

The widest part is your eyes, with the taper at your forehead and your chin. Choose earrings with more weight at the bottom like triangle, chandeliers that are tapered at the top. Even earrings that are small or close to the ear are good choices. Also think about earrings with curves rather than angular styles.

Earrings for Diamond Face Shape

Inverted Triangle Face

Your forehead is the widest part of your face and you have a tapered chin. You want to wear earrings that are widest on the bottom and narrow at the top. Stay clear from earrings with the same shape as your face, such as inverted triangle or hearts. Choose teardrops, triangles and clustered earrings. Bring the attention away from your forehead toward your chin.

Earrings for Inverted Triangle Face Shape

Heart Face

The main element of a heart shape is the widow’s peak. You may have pointed, angular jaw. Choose earrings that wider at the base than the top. Clustered earrings and teardrops are perfect! You can also wear hoops that drop down from a hook or post. This brings the widest point of the circle down towards your chin. Since your cheeks are the widest part, stay away from studs.

Earrings for Heart Face Shape

Pear Face

With a pear shape your chin is the widest part of your face. You would want to choose earrings that are wider at the top and taper down, fancy button studs, or elongated dangle earrings. Inverted teardrops and even hearts would also be good choices. Avoid earrings where the widest part hits at your chin.

 Earrings for Pear Face Shape

Your Turn! 

Let me know what your face shape is and if you realized anything about your favorite pair of earrings. 

See you soon!

Emily Wilke, Style Avenue Studios

  • I didn’t know that how good earrings looked on you was influenced by face shape. Now I need to figure out my face shape so I can see what really looks good on me. Thank you for providing a link to somewhere I can do that so I don’t have to search for a way!

  • I want to get a pair of earrings for my best friend for the holidays. It would be helpful to have tips on what to get her based on the shape of her face. I will get her a teardrop earring since she has a heart face.

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