August 5


How I started working with Brides

By Emily Wilke

August 5, 2014

custom bridal jewelry

Hey There!

I usually get asked about how I started working with brides, so I wanted to let you in on the path that led me here.

Long before I started my jewelry business I was making and selling jewelry to my friends and family. One year one of my closest friends was getting married and asked if I would make her wedding jewelry. I was so excited and of course happy to do it!

After her wedding she told me how many complements she received from her guests. This was truly rewarding and I was so happy I could help her create custom bridal jewelry for her wedding day.

About a year later all of her bridesmaids started getting engaged and since they had jewelry from her as a gift, they wanted to do the same thing for their weddings! Again, I was honored and happy to help! Plus even more raving reviews.

A year after that my best friend and I were both getting married in the same month! So, of course I made my bridal jewelry, tiara, and my bridesmaid jewelry, and the bridesmaid jewelry for my friend’s wedding.

Three and a half years after my wedding I bit the bullet and started my business. I remember my husband saying, “It’s about time! You have been talking about it for 5 years.”  When I told him that I wanted to focus on brides as my main business model he was supportive and thought it was a great decision.

To this day he says it was one of my best decisions. It is truly a rewarding path! I love giving brides something unique and special for their wedding day and giving them the chance to check a couple of things off their list with bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts!

If you are a bride or know one I would love to help put on the finishing touches with affordable custom jewelry.  Call or email for a free consultation.

Emily Wilke, Style Avenue Studios




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