April 2


Have You Heard of Storenvy?

By Emily Wilke

April 2, 2014



I am asked all the time if I have a website or an Etsy store. Well my answer is yes and no.

I do have a website, but my online store is with a business called Storenvy. It is similar to Etsy, but I prefer many things about Storenvy.

Storenvy is the home to emerging brands and authentic goods. It’s a place where you can launch a custom store in minutes.

As a customer you can:

  • Follow the people who embody your style and like what they are envying.
  • Watch a store so that you can get updates in your feed about their new products.
  • Envy items you like and that puts them in your collection. When you are ready to purchase (if it isn’t sold out!!) it’s waiting for you in your Envied Items.

I love the format and the clean look of the site. They make sure the products shine through.  Be sure to check out Storenvy the next time you are looking for a gift, but are not sure what you want. It is similar to pinterest,  but it all handmade goods made by the online brands. Help out the small business owners and consider purchasing from the brands on Storenvy. Next time you visit be sure to stop by my little corner of the web at http://store.styleavenuestudios.com.

As a Business Owner:

  • They encourage you to express your brand by telling your story
  • They do everything they can with blogs and resources to help the shop owners be the best they can be
  • They make it so easy to create a online store that I can spend less time building the website and more time on the creating the jewelry inside!

My hope with this post was to introduce you to another resource and give you a chance to learn about a venue of small businesses. If you stop by I would love to know what you think of the site!!

Of course….if you can’t live without the necklace above it is up on my site: Wish

Thanks for reading!


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