August 19


Emerald – Pantone Color of the Year 2013

By Emily Wilke

August 19, 2013

pantone colors


This radiant, lush, vivid green is the color of the year. It reminds us of growth and renewal as well as luxury and opulence. It will soon emerge in every aspect of the fashion world from jewelry to furniture and packaging to clothing. What does the color emerald say to you? If your birthday was last month, May, then it is your birthstone.

Some people believe that wearing an Emerald brings wisdom, growth, and patience. And as any couple in a long-term relationship would agree, all of these qualities are essential for a successful and lasting love. This may explain why a gift of Emerald for an anniversary — or anytime — is considered symbolic of love and fidelity.”

It truly is a beautiful color and I am looking forward to using it in some jewelry designs very soon. Keep your eye out!

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