April 16


[Earring Club] QEC Featured Earrings

By Emily Wilke

April 16, 2015

Earring Club, earrings

It’s that time again! Our Quarterly Earring Club is almost ready to ship, but first we have the featured earrings. Members can choose their earrings from these featured ones or opt to get a custom-made surprise!

Which ones do you like????

Earring Club

1. A long dangle earring with silver filigree butterflies, opaque and translucent mint glass beads, and metallic silver beads on silver chain.
2. Dusty pink jade on brush silver chain in a soft teardrop shape.
3. Hand forged silver loops with with aquamarine teardrop and classic blue jade beads.
4. Silver braided links with classic blue jade beads. Delicate and dainty!

If you are not a member of QEC and are interested in learning more, click here!

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Emily Wilke, Style Avenue Studios

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