August 14


{Color} Using the Color Wheel to Accessorize

By Emily Wilke

August 14, 2014

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Hey Lady!

When it comes to picking colors for your wardrobe you may gravitate towards some of the same colors. It can be intimidating adding new colors or you may be unsure what colors actually work well together. Since color blocking is a big trend right now, here are some basic color rules you can fall back on!

Knowing the color wheel can also help when choosing accessories for your outfits. If you know what colors complement or contrast then you can make the perfect choice based on your intended look.

Here are 4 basic rules: Complementary, Analogous, Triadic, & Monochromatic. See the image below for a visual representation.


The two colors exactly opposite each other on the color wheel. Examples: Red & Green, Blue & Orange, Purple & Yellow. Of course it can go beyond this to the secondary and tertiary colors. Just as long as they are exactly opposite they will work together.


The three consecutive colors. It doesn’t matter where you start, but pick a color and the next two or the two on either side. This can give you colors within the same color family or just adjacent, making a very harmonious color palette.
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Triadic means three. If you want to try color blocking or just some accessorizing with a third color this is a great place to start. Pick one color on the color wheel and the other two will be the ones equal distance from each other. In this image I choose a teal blue, then moved 4 spaces to red, and then another 4 to yellow.


Monochromatic means to stay within the color family by choosing either shades (adding black) or tints (adding white) of the same color. In the image above I chose a purple to show you the monochromatic tints.

Which one of these rules takes you out of your comfort zone a little bit? I want you to try that one this week and come back to let me know what you did!

I hope this was helpful!

Thanks for reading,

Emily Wilke, Style Avenue Studios


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