Preferred Vendors

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I absolutely love every one of these vendors and only recommend ones that I work with or know will give you the best attention and service possible. They are listed in no particular order and cater to different clientele. Please let them know I referred you!

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Graceful Gatherings by Grace Kajimura
Something Planned Events by Marjie Perez
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Lolita Vasquez Photography by Lolita Vasquez

Capture Create Studios by Chelsea Evans

Sharpe Weddings by Jeff Sharpe

Bucheli Photography by Andrea Bucheli

Eye Connoisseur Photography by Andre Jones


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Premier Video by Mirand DePaola Smith
Elite Video Booths by Matt Westcott
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As You Wish Weddings by Erin Summ
Wedding Ceremonies by Rev. Jeri Murphy
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Music on the Move by Doug and Dara
Sound Image Entertainment by Kami and Brandon Storz
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Nor Cal Natural Beauty & Spray Tan by Melissa Rascon
BGorgeous by Lea Buehler

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