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[Birthstone] October: Opal Jewelry


Why are there birthstones?

The origin of birthstones is believed to date back to the breastplate of Aaron which contained twelve gemstones representing the twelve tribes of Israel. The current list dates back to 1912 with only one addition since then – tanzanite was added to December.  ~  American Gem Society

October Birthstone: Opal or Tourmaline

Those of you with October birthdays, I am truly jealous. You get two of my favorite gemstones to call your own!


The name opal derives from the Greek Opallos, meaning “to see a change (of color).” Opals range in color from milky white to black with flashes of yellow, orange, green, red, and blue.(1)

Opals are most commonly a milky translucent stone with flecks of colors. This is a beautiful stone for fine jewelry and is very versatile in a wardrobe.   I haven’t worked much with opals in the past because, as a gemstone, they are very soft and can be quite pricey.

These amazing stones come in such an amazing variety of colors and translucency. I have found some beautiful opal beads at the recent gem faire. Check out the jewelry I have showcased below so you can see what I mean!


I love working with tourmaline! Watermelon tourmaline to be exact. It is a stunning mixture of pink, green, and white all in one stone. However, the colors can range from magenta, teal and green to black. What a range color!

In fact tourmaline gets its name from the Singhalese phrase “tura mali,” which means, “stone mixed with vibrant colors.” (2)

So by now you must know why I am jealous of your birthstone. 

  • Opals in any color are stunning and have varying levels of transparency.
  • Tourmalines are beautiful pink, green, teal, or mixed color stones.

Opal Jewelry

You might prefer the milky qualities of the opal. Here are a few stunning choices:

Handmade Opal Necklace Opal Earrings


Tourmaline Jewelry

Or maybe you like the rich colors of Tourmaline:

 Handmade Tourmaline Jewelry

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  2. http://www.globalhealingcenter.com/natural-health/benefits-of-tourmaline-gemstone/

Which piece is your favorite? Are ready to add it to your collection? Just click on the photo.

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