April 17


Shirt Series: Button Up and Layer Down

By Emily Wilke

April 17, 2014

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Layer Necklaces, Button up shirt

Hello Friends!

You have been asking me how to accessorize different collar and shirt styles. So today I want to discuss button-up shirts and your options for accessorizing. This is an outfit I wore when it was still a little cold, but I wanted a splash of color. Since the shirt was the focus, I chose some silver layered necklaces to accent the V-neck shape but not to compete with the pattern.

Here are a few guidelines you can follow:

Patterned Button-Up Shirt

  • Layered necklaces like above (2 or 3 depending on your options)
  • Pendant Necklace in an accented color or base metal
  • Statement Earrings in a coordinating color with no necklace
  • Bangle bracelets in the metal of your choosing, or a bracelet in a coordinating color

Solid Color Button Up Shirt:

Since the shirt may not be the focal point you have more options for accessorizing.

  • All of your options above plus:
  • A long chunky rope necklace
  • Statement Necklace in a contrasting color, complementing or similar hue
    • For example: Pale Blue button up would look great with:
      • An orange necklace for high contrast (great for a night out)
      • Cobalt necklace for the high fashion color hues (great for the office)
      • Or a gold or silver depending on your skin tone.

Which of these ideas are you going to try next? Let me know below!

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