November 11


{Accessorize} 5 Ways to Mix Metals and Look Fabulous!

By Emily Wilke

November 11, 2014

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Hey Lady,

These days, some of the accessorizing rules are flying right out the window. This is awesome because it frees us up to be more expressive and daring with our jewelry. But it might also come with the problem of having too many choices, and that can leave you staring in the mirror wondering what to do.

Well, I want to give you some guidance on mixing metals. The fashion world is now telling us we can mix gold and silver, and it is not a problem. Here are some guidelines I find helpful when choosing to mix up my jewelry.

1. Find a shape that they have in common.

Example: Long Gold necklace with a teardrop flower shape & Silver necklace with a golden teardrop shaped crystal.

2. Find a secondary color they have in common

Example:  Long Gold necklace with white pearls & Silver Crystal Teardrop necklace with white pearls. The white and the material were my unifying element tying these pieces together.

Mixing gold and silver, pearl necklace, crystal necklace, layer necklace, gold, silver

In this example, both pendants have the shape and the color in common so it is an easy mix.

3. Have a theme in common

Example: Rustic, elegant, sparkle, patinas, arrows, hearts, nature, earth tones, jewel tones.

In the image below I use the first three tips and show you the whole outfit I put together. My theme here was a garden elegance. I wanted the colors of my outfit to be focus. So I kept the jewelry neutral with gold, silver and white. In addition to the two layer necklaces, I wore a silver watch with a white face, a silver necklace with metallic silver, metallic gold, and white crystals, and gold hoops with silver wire wrapping. This was my first attempt at mixing metals, so I wanted to make sure it all looked cohesive. I really love how it turned out! I know this is a warm weather outfit, but if you are in California like me, then you could probably still wear this.

Mixing Metals Collage

 4. Don’t have a Theme in common. I know I just told you to have a theme, but if you a comfortable mixing then go for it!!

Example: Rustic and Sparkle…makes for a great Rustic glam look.

5. Lastly, break the rule. If you feel comfortable and pretty, or you are letting yourself shine who is to tell you can’t. Fashion rules were made to be broken!


Let me see how you are mixing your metals. Post your pic on Instagram for me to see, use #MixMyMetals. Be sure to follow me @styleavestudios

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Emily Wilke, Style Avenue Studios

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