September 1


8 Tips to Care for and Clean your Pearls

By Emily Wilke

September 1, 2013

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September Newsletter Headline

How to care for your pearls if you don’t have a pet oyster

Pearls are lovely, and in order to keep them a lusterous conversation piece, follow these tips:

  1. Pearls are soft and can be scratched easily. Store them in a soft cloth pouch or wrap them in a soft cloth. Store them separately so metals won’t scratch them.
  2. Good quality pearl necklaces are knotted for a couple of reasons. It keeps them from rubbing together and if the cord were to break, it would limit the loss of your pearls. Therefore, if you wear your pearls regularly, consider having them restrung every few years so the cord is clean and strong and you can be confident while wearing them.
  3. Make sure your pearls are the last item you put on when dressing. The chemicals in hairspray, perfume and cosmetics can dull their luster.
  4. After wearing them, wipe them down with a dry soft cloth. The acids in persperation and our natural body oils can damage them. It is also easier to keep them clean instead of having to do a deep clean.
  5. Do not wear them in the shower, swimming or while exercising. If they do get wet from gently cleansing them with soap and water, then lay them flat to dry. Otherwise, the string will stretch.
  6. Never store them in an airtight container or plastic bag. They will dry out and get brittle.
  7. Never store them in the bathroom. Moisture will damage all jewelry.
  8. Wear them! Flaunt them! They dress up a pair of jeans and go perfectly with the little black dress. They come in so many colors, so why limit yourself to a white pearl necklace?
  • Thank you, Emily. I did not know that plastic bags are a no-no for pearls. I have some lovely pearls and appreciate the tips to keep them in top condition.

  • Pearls are classic, iconic and feminine. They must be cleaned with care and handled gently and I think Pearls should be stored away from other jewelry that may scratch the pearls’ surface.

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