November 15


4 Big Mistakes Brides Make regarding the Groom

By Emily Wilke

November 15, 2013

It finally happened, he popped the question and now you are engaged. You are so happy, so in love, and so excited for the wedding day. You get wrapped up in the planning and all the details and at some point you forget to take him into account!

Here are the 4 biggest mistakes Brides make regarding the Groom during the wedding planning process and ways to avoid them!

1. Just planning a wedding. Remember, above all else, you are planning a marriage, not just a wedding! The wedding day is important to him too, but more important is your relationship. Please take time to talk about all those important things, like money, children, values, religion, etc. You want to make sure you are starting out your married life on a great note!

2. Critizing his efforts when he does something that isn’t the way you were expecting. We all need help during the wedding planning. Be sure to include him and give him tasks he will enjoy. But if you really do need help and are particular, make sure it is something you don’t need to have ultimate control over. Asking him for help and then critizing his efforts will not only make him feel bad, but it can the set a bad tone for the marriage.

3. Talking about the wedding 24/7.  Please try to have at least 2 conversations a day that have absolutely nothing to do with the wedding! He needs to know you are still present. Wedding planning can be boring to some people, so be sure to ask him about his day, go on date nights and leave the wedding planning at home.

4. Not including his requests. Granted, some of his requests may come from left field or are totally ridiculous, but he may also contribute something that is really important to him and may not have expressed it to you. So if you dismiss everything just because it doesn’t fit with your theme, you may end up hurting his feelings.

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