March 6


1st Anniversary SALE!!

By Emily Wilke

March 6, 2014


Hello Friends!

I wanted to share my excitement with you about my anniversary. On March 8th I hit 1 year in business and I couldn’t be happier! For a long time people have been telling me to get a website and start selling my jewelry. I wasn’t ready until a year ago and I dove in head first. I really wanted to be ready so that I could give it my everything and make it successful. I am so happy with the progress I am making and that is all due to the wonderful people I am meeting and my fabulous customers. Thank You!!!AnniversaryBanner1

When I was planning my blog posts for the month I also noticed a huge coincidence. My anniversary falls on International Women’s Day in the middle of Women’s History Month. How crazy is that! I honestly had no idea that when I purchased my business license that all that was going on. But, I think it is good mojo! What do you think??

I can also say that I had been struggling to pick a charity that I felt would be a good one for my business to donate to on occasion. Then it dawned on me: I am a BusinessWOMAN, with my first anniversary on International WOMEN’S Day during WOMEN’S History Month….why not find a Women’s Charity. Well I found The Women’s Fund which helps women in so many ways!

So to celebrate I am giving you amazing women (and men) 15% off all my handmade jewelry and I am donating an extra 5% of the sales to The Women’s Fund. So go ahead and treat yourself and help women everywhere!


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