October 18


Do you love what you do?

By Emily Wilke

October 18, 2013



Is there something about your job that doesn’t feel like work?

I can honestly say there are at least three things about my jewelry business that I love doing. These tasks don’t feel like work, and yet they make up the majority of my business. They are:

  1. Making the jewelry
  2. Shopping for the beads
  3. Being a vendor at a craft fair

One of my favorite pasttimes is visiting craft fairs as a customer. I love the ambiance, the food,  and of course, browsing and buying others’ art. Now, after starting my jewelry business I get to be one of those vendors that says, “I made this!”

The reason I love taking one of my weekend days away from my family and set up my booth is to meet and talk to new people! I just love having conversations and learning about others. One example, I met these siblings (9 and 5), he was letting his younger sister hang onto his arm or hand and he led her around the show so kindly. He picked up items to show her that she might like. It melted my heart and I hope I was looking into the future at my two kids.

What do you love about your job? What can you incorporate into your job that would make it more enjoyable? Please comment and let me know! You might give me an idea to add to my business!

Upcoming Events:

Saturday Oct 26, 2013 
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